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Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Incorporated (ACHA) is the largest private hospital group in South Australia. Across our network we perform the most advanced cardiac procedures thanks to more than 40 leading cardiologists and seven cardiothoracic surgeons. Yet it’s not just the number and complexity of surgeries that make us the heart of cardiac health care in Adelaide - the equipment and technology are state of the art.

We provide state-of-the-art angiography labs, dedicated cardiac theatres and 24/7 emergency cardiac services, all supported by the highest level intensive care units and onsite cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Across Adelaide we care for you.




The private experience

Expect better when you’re with us. Most patients enjoy the privacy of a single room.

We provide our patients with additional services including:

  • Access to dietitian services
  • Pre-admission clinic services
  • Specialised physiotherapy services
  • Cardiac rehabilitation program


Next steps

If your GP has recommended more complex cardiac care, ask for a referral to one of the state’s leading specialists. Tell them that you prefer to be treated at an ACHA Hospital.


Find a cardiologist

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World class care. Close to Home.

We are well positioned to care for you across two convenient locations, Ashford Hospital and Flinders Private Hospital. You can find out more about our hospitals and their cardiac services below.


Ashford Hospital

Flinders Private Hospital

Our world class cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons treat a range of heart conditions and related symptoms.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below:

  1. Chest pain/Angina
  2. Palpitations- racing or irregular heartbeat. 
  3. Shortness of Breath
  4. Dizziness or fainting
  5. Signs of heart failure – swollen ankles, unable to lie flat or waking short of breath

You should contact your GP or present to our emergency department for assessment. If you require urgent attention dial 000 (triple zero) and ask for an Ambulance.

Our Cardiology Resources

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