Despite extensive negotiations, ACHA and HCF group* have been unable to agree terms for a new contract. The current agreement will end on January 31, 2023.

After this date, while HCF members can still be treated in ACHA hospitals, they may face additional out-of-pocket expenses if they remain insured with HCF.

This is a disappointing outcome, and certainly not our preferred option. Unfortunately, HCF were not prepared to fund the cost of providing private hospital care for their members, meaning HCF members will be required to make up the funding gap.

The cost of providing quality hospital care continues to rise quickly, and is impacting both public and private hospitals, especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

We have been challenged by health insurers not adequately funding the real and rising costs of our private hospital services, including rising interest rates, food, energy and power, insurance, nurse wages, PPE, maintenance and cleaning costs. These cost pressures have been well documented throughout the pandemic, and are now being exacerbated by the highest levels of inflation seen in decades.

We will continue to negotiate with HCF in the hope of reaching a fair agreement that removes the need for their members to pay additional out-of-pocket costs.

Please note that this issue affects only HCF members, patients who are members of other funds are not impacted. ACHA has agreements in place with all other major Australian health insurers.

This website contains information for impacted patients and their doctors on how this dispute may impact them how they can avoid any future out of pocket expenses. This includes the option to change health funds under the portability rules in the Private Health Insurance Act (2007).

*The HCF group includes HCF, rt health and Transport Health, any references to HCF or HCF members includes rt health and Transport Health members.

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